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  1. 2016 NAHBS @ Sacramento was awesome.
  2. My 1-week, post-show, vacation was at least a year too short.
  3. Our thru-axle style dummy axles, both indexers and spacers, are designed to work in conjunction with Paragon Machine Works (PMW) products as they are by far the most popular manufacturer of non-tubing related frame building components. As such, our dummy axles may or may not work with dropouts from other manufacturers. Please know what dropouts you’re using before ordering dummy axles from us.
  4. Mark (HMFIC @ PMW) and I met at NAHBS to put a finer point on tolerances and compatibility between our two products. Using Paragon’s drawings, they will stay at size with a plus tolerance, i.e., -0/+.00X. We will stay below size with negative tolerance, i.e., -.00X, (which is what we’ve always done).
  5. Since we are currently making dummy axles in 57 different flavors, I have no intention or desire to try to make more with slight dimensional variations to address all the other dropout manufacturer’s out there. We will, however, continue to make custom dummy axles for folks at custom pricing.
  6. Dummy axles for quick release dropouts do not have these issues and will stay as they’ve always been. Our standard QR dummy axles for metal bikes are 2mm oversize on width between the faces to compensate for post-joinery suck in. For instance, a 135 will measure 137, a 130 will measure 132 between the faces, etc., etc. If you’re building with carbon fiber or organics, you will want exact size dummy axles (130 = 130) which we also keep in stock.
  7. Rock on!
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