A Good Anvil Does Not Fear The Hammer!

Making a living building bicycle frames is a tough business. To be successful you have to rely on your skills and equipment to get the most out of your valuable time and labor. You simply cannot afford to have your tools hold you back!

Anvil fixtures and tooling are built with the craftsman in mind. They are precision tooling designed specifically to allow the professional frame builder to work with speed, efficiency, and accuracy. The easy to use designs allow the builder to avoid lengthy and difficult fixture or jig setup and minimize mistakes so you can spend your time building frames and not adjusting fixtures. Anvil Bikeworks understands framebuilding and we understand your needs.

A few words about materials and construction:
All Anvil fixtures and tooling are built with the highest quality materials. All fixture bases and other components that require dimensional accuracy and stability are made using US made Mic6 tooling plate or 17-4 Stainless Steel. Despite our design decisions to overbuild our products, these materials, while more expensive, provide a fixture that is dimensionally stable despite changes in temperatures during the build process without being too heavy or cumbersome to use.

To ensure you’re getting your money’s worth out of your investment for years to come, we go the extra step and have all our fixtures hard black anodized (milspec MIL-A-8625, Type III, class 2) and sealed for long life and toughness and use all stainless steel fasteners. These materials choices keep your tools looking new for years to come and prevent rust & corrosion from damaging your investment. Nothing looks worse than uncoated tools corroding or rusting away when your customers are looking around your shop. In addition to providing an armor coating, the hard anodizing eases cleaning, is virtually stain proof, and maintains a professional appearance that you and your customers will appreciate for years to come. You take pride in the appearance of your frames and now you can take pride in your fixtures!

Anvil Bikeworks will continue to expand our product line to become your one-stop shop for all your fixture and tooling needs.