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Making a living building bicycle frames is a tough business. To be successful you have to rely on your skills and equipment to get the most out of your valuable time and labor. You simply cannot afford to have your tools hold you back! Read More…

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Anvil Tech

The real scoop

Contrary to popular belief, our frame fixtures are not sitting in a giant warehouse all boxed up waiting for a shipping label.

Frame & Geometry Variables

Yo Baby, what's your Sine? The meaning of rake, trail, and other bicycle geometry conundrums.

The 411 on the MAX Tubeset

Everything you ever wanted to know about one of my favorite tubesets: Columbus MAX

Learning the Lingo

Impress friends and influence people by learning the secret lingo that all those wicked smart Engineering types use when discussing frame materials!

Welding Machine Setup

Welding machine basics from selection to setup to my own twisted view of the world.

How Straight Should My Frame Be?

Just how important is alignment, anyway?

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