Axles & Spacers

Dummy Axles for QR Style Dropouts: Please note that for metal frame construction, all Anvil dummy axles for quick release style dropouts are 2mm oversize to help compensate for suck-in after joinery.  As such, a 135mm dummy axle will actually measure 137mm between the faces, a 130 will measure 132, etc., etc.  If you’re working with carbon fiber or organic materials I can supply exact size dummy axles.  Please let us know what you prefer when you order.

Dummy Axles for Thru-Axle Applications:  Only exact size thru-axle dummy axles are kept in stock.  Thru-axle dummy axles are available in two different configurations.  One is just a spacer that does not index the dropouts (meaning the dropouts can still rotate around the center of the axle) but does work with all Anvil brake tools like the Post Punk, Feng Shui, and Phrunt Shui.  The spacers have a  .75″/19mm nominal OD and look very much like Anvil standard QR dummy axles.  The indexers use a 1.0”/25.4mm OD and do index the dropouts using the hub recess on the dropouts themselves but does not work with the aforementioned brake tools due to its greater required outside diameter.  Further, we have the rear thru-axle dummies for both Shimano and Syntace style dropouts.  The axle you need is driven by the dropout design you’re using as the wheels themselves are interchangeable.  The difference between the two systems is that Syntace X12 allows for wheel centering adjustment whereas the Shimano style does not.  Most builders prefer the Syntace system if it is available in the style of dropout desired.

Anvil thru-axle style dummy axles, both indexers and spacers, are designed to work in conjunction with Paragon Machine Works (PMW) products as they are, by far, the most popular manufacturer of non-tubing related frame building components.  As such, Anvil dummy axles may or may not work with dropouts from other manufacturers.   Since we currently make dummy axles in more than 50 different flavors, we have no intention or desire to try to make more with slight dimensional variations to address all the other dropout manufacturer’s out there.  We will, however, continue to make custom dummy axles for our customers at custom pricing ($100 minimum).

Except in the spacer/indexer cases noted above, all Anvil dummy axles are guaranteed to work with the wide variety of Anvil tooling.  We do not guarantee that they will work with Anvil ripoff/counterfeit tools made by “competitors” who tell you to buy Anvil dummy axles to use with their products & have the principles that allow them to do such things.   If they can’t support you with the items you need to use their products today, where are you going to be in 6-months when they disappear?  Choose wisely.

You can see the different variety of dummy axles here:  The T/A spacers and dummy axles for QR style dropouts sell for $35USD each and the T/A Indexers for $75USD each or you can get both for $100USD.

Important considerations for proper location of disc brake caliper mounts with thru-axles and thru-axle dropouts:  With the surging popularity of thru-axles, the current REAR 12mm designs are excellent.  They maintained the proper location reference between the most inboard face of the dropout with the caliper mounts and nothing is required from the builder when installing rear caliper mounts using Anvil disc brake fixtures.  You just slide the dummy axle in the disc brake fixture, install the dummy axle into the frame, slide the disc brake fixture to the dropout face until it stops, rotate the mount into position and boom, Bob’s your uncle.

It is not so rosy in the front.

In the bike industry’s stunning, nigh, paralyzing wisdom, they did it exactly the opposite in the front.  Instead of keeping inside dropout faces the same width and adding the hub recesses as in the rear, they chose to overlap the hub and not by a standard dimension.  It varies with the axle diameter.   For M15 x 100 and M15 x 110 (Boost) fronts, the overlap is 3mm per side for 6mm total.  For example, instead of 100mm between the inside faces you only have 94mm.  On M12 x 100 front, the overlap is 2mm per side for 4mm total.  So a M12 x 100, instead of 100mm between the inside faces, you have 96mm.   Crazy.

What this means to you, the builder, is that when building M15 or M12 front forks, you need to use the right spacer with the disc brake tool to ensure the caliper mounts are in the right location.  When you purchase an Anvil M15 dummy axle, it will come with 3mm spacers that are to be placed between the caliper mount and the Phrunt Shui body, or, for Post Mount, between the Post Punk arm and the Post Punk body.  The same is true when you purchase a M12 front dummy axle.  It will come with 2mm spacers that are to be placed between the caliper mount and the Phrunt Shui body, or, for Post Mount, between the Post Punk arm and the Post Punk body.

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